Here we go, the cat’s out of the bag. Reynolds BBE Consulting & Coaching is my business designed to help others look at themselves differently with zero judgment. Big Brain Enterprise has been my motto for quite some time. Change is hard but inevitable. As we have seen, the world changes no matter what so we either change and grow or we get left behind. Coaching is not about selling a product. In the future, I do hope to have some affiliate links along the way and the opportunity for my supporters to sponsor education and an ambassador program.

However, I do not sell anything as an independent contractor and I do not yet have my own products. I’m just a Nationally Board Certified Coach who listens to all the DARN CATS people use every day! Coaching is about change and transformation! I’ve been changed, I’m changing, and I’ll forever be changing and charging ahead! Would you like to be involved in Motivational Interviewing, Non-Violent Communication, or Appreciative Inquiry? Would you like to be an ACE (Ambassador of Change)? Anyone can be a world changer! 

Feel free to jump in and join the conversations. My goal is for us to have many conversations, stories, and ways to help. Any replies and posts will be without judgment, advice, or opinion and this will be strictly enforced as our number one group rule.